How many series of fools and horses are there?

There are seven seasons, totalling 64 episodes. The show recently spawned an Only Fools and Horses musical, which features comedy star Paul Whitehouse as Grandad.

Why is Series 4 of Only Fools and Horses not on Netflix?

What’s On Netflix reports that Only Fools and Horses might have been taken off because the show’s license deal had expired.

How did Only Fools and Horses end?

The show finished with Rodney, Del Boy and Uncle Albert walking into a cartoon sunrise (see below), with Del Boy quipping: “This time next year, we’ll be billionaires.” It was the snug dovetail that all fans of the show had hoped for. They should have let it lie.

How Old Is Only Fools and Horses?

The first ever episode of Only Fools and Horses, ‘Big Brother’, aired on the 8 September 1981. The series was written by John Sullivan, who had already seen success with Citizen Smith.

Why does Netflix not have all episodes of Only Fools and Horses?

Netflix uses geo-restrictions in all of the streaming giant’s 190+ countries. Each region has a unique streaming catalog of shows and movies. If you live in Spain, and want to watch Only Fools and Horses, it’s essential to have a VPN that can unblock Netflix UK.

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Where can I watch old episodes of Only Fools and Horses?

Only Fools and Horses is available on Netflix, Britbox, Amazon Prime Video and available on DVD. For more suggestions on what to watch now check out our TV Guide, our best series on Netfix guide, best movies on Netflix or the best shows on Amazon Prime.

Where can I see Only Fools and Horses?

BritBox – Only Fools and Horses S0. Multi-award-winning comedy starring David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst.

Is Freddie the Frog Rodney’s dad?

One of those new friends was Freddie Robdal, Rodney’s real father. … Freddie Robdal was first mentioned by name in The Frog’s Legacy. He was said to be an old friend of Joan Trotter, at around the time she fell pregnant with Rodney, while she was married to Reg Trotter.