You asked: Who plays Oscar Venables in the pale horse?

James Fleet plays Oscar Venables.

Is the pale horse based on a true story?

The Pale Horse Is Based On an Agatha Christie Novel—But the Story is Pretty Unrecognizable. … Both take place in early 1960s London and the fictional town of Much Deeping (yep, that’s the name Christie went with). Both center around a guy named Mark Easterbrook and his encounters with a trio of potential witches.

Is much Deeping a real village?

For the scenes that take place in ‘Much Deeping’ – a fictional countryside village with strange traditions and a link to Easterbrook’s late first wife – the village of Bisley was used.

Was the Pale Horse filmed in Bristol?

The Pale Horse was filmed around Bristol – look out for Nicholas Market, Denmark Street and Frogmore Street. Rufus Sewell and Kaya Scodelario shot scenes in the city’s elegant Queen Square.

What happened to Mark Easterbrook in Pale Horse?

Perhaps Mark has been killed by the thallium poisoning, after all; even though he killed Osborne, perhaps he was too late to save himself. Perhaps this is just his personal hell in the afterlife. Or, perhaps, the witches have killed him and/or trapped him in a perpetual nightmare.

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