Why do you put a mask on a horse?

A fly mask is a piece of gear used on horses heads to cover the eyes, jaw, and sometimes the ears and muzzle to protect them from flies and other biting insects. … Fly masks can come with or without ear covers to protect the inside of the ears from biting insects.

When should you put a fly mask on a horse?

For horses that seem to suffer from “flies in the eyes” (some horses have more trouble with this than others), a fly mask is a simple way to prevent the runny eyes and basic annoyances that come from this problem. Some masks cover the ears as well, providing relief from the gnats that always seem to bite those areas.

Do all horses need fly masks?

“Your horse needs to have a fly mask that provides a soft and comfortable fit, good vision and no sharp edges,” she says. Bonus features are also something to look for. An inexpensive mask might cover the basics, but if you’re able to pay a bit more, you’ll get a mask that boasts a few “extras”.

How long do you leave a fly mask on a horse?

Which he completely understood but raised an interesting question, how long can we leave the horsefly mask on our horses? A horsefly mask should be removed and washed every day; however, some models should not be worn for more than four hours. Also, some horses can’t tolerate flay masks as well as others.

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Should horses wear fly masks in the rain?

When deciding whether or not to keep a fly mask on in rainy weather, owners should consider that rain can make the masks heavy for their horse. Horses that enjoy rolling in the mud should probably have their masks removed as mud can get caked in the mask impairing the horse’s vision.

Can I leave a fly mask on my horse overnight?

Generally, a horse doesn’t need to wear a fly mask at night. If your horse has an eye condition and has been advised by a vet to wear a fly mask overnight, Field Relief fly masks can be left on 24/7. Note, whilst fly masks allow for clear visibility during the day, they may impair your horse’s night vision.

Are fly masks hot for horses?

That these fly masks are so light and breathable makes them a great choice for horses in hot and humid climates.

Can you wash fly masks?

To wash your fly mask, remove excess dirt with hose or stiff brush. Hand washing recommended with mild soap. If machine washed, max temp 30C on a gentle cycle. Line dry and do not tumble dry.