Why did Mourad decide that the horse must go back to its true owner?

Answer. Mourad returned the horse because John Byro the actual owner of the horse, John Byro had seen him and Aram, his younger brother riding the horse one morning. … Mourad must have felt conscience-stricken and before the matter reached the elders of his family, his returned the horse.

Why did Mourad and Aram decide to return the horse?

Aram and Mourad finally returned the horse because although they loved the horse they were ashamed of themselves. … They could not bear to do anything which might mar the prestige of their tribe and thus, they returned the horse to its rightful owner.

Why did the cousins returned the horse to its true owner?

The meeting with John Byro proved conclusive. He praised their family for its honesty. He trusted the boys as he knew their parents. Hence in order to uphold the family tradition and reputation, the boys returned the horse to its rightful owner.

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What made the children to return the horse to its owner in the climax?

The boys were impressed by John Byro’s attitude towards their parents and family. He knew their parents very well and so believed whatever the boys said. Secondly, the fame of their family for honesty was well-known to him. The boys returned the horse to him for the sake of family pride and dignity.

Who stole the white horse?

So going against the family reputation, Mourad steals a white horse of a farmer, John Byro. Aram is shocked because it is a stolen horse. But he discounts the charge of stealing and goes for a ride. One day he overhears John Byro telling Uncle Khosrove about his missing horse.

What did Mourad do with the horse after stealing it?

Mourad stole the horse because he was passionate about riding it. However, he returned it later because he could not afford the horse and John Byro, the farmer reminded him of his family and their honesty.

Who commented I don’t want both of us to be liars?

I don’t want both of us to be liars . why did mourad said this – Brainly.in.

Why was BYRO devastated?

John Bryo was an Assryian farmer whose horse was stolen by Mourad. He was sad because someone stole his horse.

What quality in Mourad impressed you the most?

Mourad had the knack of handling almost any critical situation. His heart was full of love for animals. Mourad was considered to have taken after his uncle, Khosrove who was also very eccentric.

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Who was John Byro Why didn’t he blame the boys for stealing the horse?

The boys belonged to the Garoghlanian family which meant that they had been famous for honesty. Thus ,John Byro couldn’t accuse the boys for stealing his horse.

How did BYRO react when he saw the white horse?

John Byro was awestruck and spellbound by the resemblance the horse bore with that of his own which was stolen from him many weeks ago. He looked into the mouth of the horse. He used the phrase ‘tooth for tooth’ to emphasise the similarity between both the horses.

How did John Byro make sure that it was his stolen horse?

Answer: The farmer John Byro recognised his horse and kept looking at the horse very keenly . … But he could not believe that the boys Aram and Mourad could have stolen his horse because their family was well known for their honesty . So he convinced himself that perhaps the horse was the twine of his horse.