Where is Robert E Lee’s horse buried?

The horse that was his closest companion during war now became his instrument in finding peace. Not long after General Lee’s death in October, 1870, Traveller stepped on a rusty nail in his stall and died of tetanus. He is buried within yards of his master, just outside the Lee Chapel in Lexington.

What were Robert E Lee’s last words?

The morning of October 12, he developed a “feeble, rapid pulse” and “shallow breathing.” Lee’s reported last words were, “Tell Hill he must come up!” “Strike the tent!” Yet, his daughter at the bedside recalled only “struggling” with “long, hard breathes,” and “in a moment he was dead.” CONCLUSIONS: Lee suffered …

Where is traveler buried?

Traveller (1857–1871) was Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s most famous horse during the American Civil War.

Traveller (horse)

Traveller and Robert E. Lee
Other name(s) Jeff Davis, Greenbrier
Resting place Washington and Lee University
Occupation War horse
Owner General Robert E. Lee

Who is buried at Washington and Lee?

His wife, mother, father (“Light-Horse Harry” Lee), all of his children and other relatives are now buried in the crypt as well. The remains of his beloved horse, Traveller, are interred in a plot outside the museum entrance.

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What was Arlington Cemetery before it was a cemetery?

The national cemetery was established during the Civil War on the grounds of Arlington House, previously the estate of Mary Anna Custis Lee, a great-granddaughter of Martha Washington and wife of Robert E. Lee.

What were Stonewall Jackson’s last words?

Jackson was then removed to Guiney Station to convalesce. Jackson’s condition continued to decline; he developed pneumonia and died on May 10, 1863. His last words were “Let us cross over the river and rest under the shade of the trees.” Jackson was buried on May 15, 1863, in the Lexington Presbyterian Cemetery.

Who was Robert E Lee’s wife?

Is Washington and Lee prestigious?

Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA is one of the nation’s oldest and most respected schools. … Three Supreme Court Justices, 94 US Congressmen and explorer Meriwether Lewis (of Lewis & Clark) graduated from this school.

Is Washington and Lee an Ivy League school?

Answer: Washington and Lee University is not one of the original eight Ivy League colleges and universities. … These eight schools are called the Ivy League because they are members of the same football conference.