What size is a horse arena?

The recommended horse arena sizes are as follows: 80′ wide x 200′ long and 60′ wide by 120′ long. It’s important to incorporate a clear span structure, which means that there are no beams or posts inside the riding area.

What is a standard size arena?

To assist you in your selection here are some of the standard arena sizes: Pleasure Riding Arena: 60′ x 120′ Small Dressage Arena: 66′ x 131′ (20 m x 40 m) Large Dressage Arena: 66′ x 197′ (20 m x 60 m) Reining Arena: 100′ x 200′ minimum, 150′ x 300′ better.

How big is a small arena?

Standard dressage arena dimensions are 20m x 60m (66′ x 198′) and small dressage arena dimensions are 20m x 40m (66′ x 132′). If you are building a riding ring and have the space you can stake out the larger arena size.

What is the smallest size for an outdoor riding arena?

I used to have a client with a 30 x 60m private outdoor arena and this was a wonderful versatile size to ride in – plenty big enough for any dressage test, and the extra width made it great for jumping too. 20 x 40m should really be the smallest arena to go for.

How many tons of sand do you need for a horse arena?

You need 96 tons for an average depth of 2 inches, You will need 144 tons for a 3 inch average dept.

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How deep should the sand be in a horse arena?

Be careful to apply the proper depth of sand. With its deep, loose traction, sand deeper than 6 inches is stressful to horse tendons. Start with about 2 inches and add a ½ inch at a time as necessary.

What size is a barrel racing arena?

A standard size arena is 130 feet wide by 200 feet long, so the barrel distances are as follows: 60 feet from the starting line, called the scoreline, to the 1st or 2nd barrels. 90 feet between the first and second barrels. 105 feet from the 1st and 2nd barrels to the 3rd barrel.

How many feet is a dressage arena?

A standard dressage arena is 66 feet by 198 feet (20 x 60 meters). The shorter arena used in eventing and some lower-level tests is 66 feet by 132 feet (20 x 40 meters).