What do you think induced the boys to return the horse to its owner?

What do you think include the boys return the horse to its owner?

Answer: The boys returned the horse to Byro not because they were fraid but because their conscience pricked them. … John Byro recognized his horse but refused to believe that Mourad and Aram had stolen it. According to him, the fame of their honesty was widely known.

What made the narrator and his cousin return the horse?

The narrator and his cousin returned the horse out of their conscience. they felt they should have maintained the tribe’s fame for honesty.it was thus their way to undo the damage they had created to the fame yet they were not caught.

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Why was the horse stolen back to its owner?

He stole the horse because he had mania for horses. His passion combined with his eccentricity must have incited him to steal the horse. He did not have any ill intention. … He returned the horse because he the actual owner of the horse, John Byro had seen him and Aram, his younger brother riding the horse one morning.

When the horse is returned to John?

When the horse is returned to John Byro, it is tired, run down, and sickly.

How did Aram justify Mourad’s act of stealing the white horse?

Aram justifies the act of stealing the horse to himself by deciding that taking a horse in order to go for a ride on it is not at all the same as stealing other, tangible things, “such as money.” Having identified this as a mental justification, Aram goes further, questioning whether stealing a horse is really stealing …

What did Uncle Khosrove do to stop anyone from talking?

Answer: Uncle Khosrove was irritable, impatient and furious in temper. He stopped anyone from talking by roaring: “It’s no harm; pay no attention to it”.

What did they do with the stolen horse in the end?

The narrator and his cousin returned the stolen horse to its rightful owner, John Byro. … So as a mark of acknowledgment for this wonderful gesture, the boys took the horse to Byro’s vineyard the following morning and put it in a barn.

Who was John Byro and what was his problem?

John Byro was a farmer. He was an Assyrian who had learnt to speak Armenian. He was the owner of the beautiful white horse owner, which had been stolen last month and remained untraced yet. He missed his horse severely as he had to travel long distances on foot without his surrey.

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How did Aram conclude that the horse was stolen?

Aram knew that he and his cousin Mourad belonged to a tribe that was poverty-stricken. He couldn’t have bought such a beautiful horse. There was no question about it that he had stolen the horse. …

Who was the real owner of the horse?

Ans. John Byro was the real owner of the white horse. He was a farmer. On a visit to Aram’s house he complained of his loss to uncle Khosrove.

Can you still be hung for stealing a horse?

If someone steals your horse, there is a law that allows you to publicly hang the person and no law enforcement officer is allowed to stop you.

Why did Mourad steal the white horse?

Mourad stole the horse because he had passion to ride but was too poor to buy one. He returned the horse because he had no intention of stealing it. Besides farmer, John Byro, reminded him of the high reputation of his family for honesty.

What had John Byro paid for his horse?

John shared that the horse cost him sixty dollars. Khosrove said he would spit on the money after which John got up and went away slamming the door.

When the horse is returned to Byro is it tired?

Answer: noooo, infact the horse was much better than the before. he was so active and healthy when he returned to John Byro .

Why did John Byro perceive the horse after it was returned?

What did John Byro perceive about the horse after it was returned? Why? Answer: After the horse was returned, John Byro said that the horse was stronger than ever and also better tempered.

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