What are horse bedding pellets made of?

Animal bedding pellets are made of compressed wood fibers. When wet, animal bedding pellets turn into sawdust. They offer a low-dust solution for horse bedding and animal bedding needs. The wood pellets and sawdust create a healthy bedding layer to absorb moisture and neutralize odors.

Can you use horse pellets for cat litter?

Most horse bedding pellets can be used as cat litter. To be sure, contact the manufacturer to ensure they contain no additives and have been kiln-dried to remove phenol. Equine pellets are often a better choice than wood stove pellets, because they’re less likely to contain potentially harmful additives.

Can you use hardwood pellets for horse bedding?

Straw and wood shavings are commonly used, but using softwood wood pellets as horse bedding is becoming popular among experienced horse and stable owners. Pellet bedding is perfect for stables with tight space constraints, because storing wood pellets takes up significantly less space than other alternatives.

What is pelleted bedding?

Animal bedding pellets are dense wood pellets used in animal pens, stalls, and barns. The bedding makes for easy cleaning and provides shock absorption and footing for your animal. … Animal bedding pellets turn into sawdust that clumps when saturated. They offer a low-dust solution for your animal bedding needs.

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Are pellets better than litter?

Are pellets better than litter? Pine pellets are better for your cat’s health, better for the environment, better at neutralizing odors, and are less messy than clay litter. But your cat’s preference is an important and often overlooked consideration.

How do you use horse pellet bedding?

To add bedding, you can open a bag in the stall and spray it lightly with water; you can pour a bag into a manure bucket or similar container and soak it; or you can just spread a bag in the stall and let the pellets soften over a couple of days as they absorb urine and other moisture.

How many bags of wood pellets 12×12 stall?

One 40 lb bag of pellet bedding will cover a 12’X12′ (144 square foot stall) with a one inch layer, once moistened and spread. So, four bags will provide a depth of 4”, which is the recommended minimum, and six bags will give you a depth of 6”. It all comes down to personal preference and individual animal needs.

Can you use horse bedding pellets in a pellet stove?

Yup, yup, stuffed them suckers down the pellet stove. They worked just fine. If the prices was low I would use them all the time.

Is wood pellets safe for horses?

By adding fresh water to pellets, they are softened into a highly absorbent, comfortable, dry bedding for your horse. … Because they are highly absorbent, it’s OK to be stingy with wood pellets.

How do you use wood pellets in a stable?

How to use animal bedding pellets. Empty a few bags of the animal specific wood pellets into your wheelbarrow and add enough water to dampen most of the pellets. Watering the bedding before putting it in the stables will assist the pellets to activate more efficiently, absorb more and last much longer.

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