Quick Answer: What is the best hay mixture for horses?

The best hay mix for most horses, without any health problems, is one-half Alfalfa and one-half Timothy. But each horse is different, so it’s best to adjust the portions based on their needs. Horses often need more protein than they get from grass hay. So you can add grain or legumes to give them more.

What is horse quality hay?

Horse hay should be bright green, leafy and fine textured, with a fresh, pleasant aroma. Musty hay or other indications of mold or heating, and dust, weeds and other foreign material in hay can be unhealthy for an animal. Color is an indicator of quality and nutrient content; good hay is a bright green.

Is timothy or orchard grass hay better for horses?

Orchard Grass is higher in protein (10-12%), higher in calorie content and contains the same balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus as Timothy grass. … The high nutrient intake delivered by Orchard Grass hay translates into potentially less grain the horse would need to eat to satisfy energy and protein requirements.

Can hay be too rich for horses?

Also, legume-based hay may be too rich in nutrients for an easy-keeping horse that’s prone to weight gain, or a horse that’s mostly retired and has lower energy needs. Additionally, red clover is high in nutrients, but sometimes affected by a mold that causes harmless — but off-putting — slobber in horses.

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What is the best hay for older horses?

Alfalfa hay and good quality grass hays are preferable to stemmy and mature hays that have tougher fiber to ferment. The small intestine loses some function – Older horses find it harder to digest protein in the small intestine.

Should horses have hay all time?

Conclusion. Horses don’t have to eat all the time, but having constant access to hay helps keep their digestive system working correctly. Allowing your horse to graze on pasture grass is safe and keeps them healthy. A healthy pasture provides all the nutrition horses need.

How do you make high quality hay?

Here are seven steps to help you produce a quality alfalfa yield:

  1. Choose an appropriate field. …
  2. Plant the right seed variety. …
  3. Scout regularly. …
  4. Cut alfalfa at the best time. …
  5. Set yourself up for drying success. …
  6. Lean on moisture levels. …
  7. Be smart about bale storage.

What type of hay is best for miniature horses?

Alfalfa hay is too energy-dense for most Miniature Horses; grass hay is a better choice, fed at the rate of about 1.5% of their body weight in hay daily.