Question: Why do horses wear bell boots?

Bell boots refer to small cup shaped boots that fit around the pastern and over the hoof- these prevent injury to the hoof, hairline, or shoe pulling (see the Professional’s Choice Quick-Wrap®, Ballistic® Overreach, and Secure-Fit™ Overreach Bell Boots).

How do you know if your horse needs bell boots?

How do you know if your horse needs bell boots? An easy way to know if your horse would benefit from wearing bell boots is if they come back from working with scrapes or swelling on its heels. Another thing to look for is if they are constantly losing shoes or frequently have loose shoes.

Why do you put boots on horses?

Tendon and Fetlock Boots

Tendon boots protect the horse’s front legs from strikes from the hind hooves which can occur when landing a jump. In comparison, fetlock boots are used on the horse’s hind legs and just protect the fetlock from brushing injuries.

Can you ride a horse in bell boots?

Boots can protect a horse’s limbs during riding sessions, but—with one notable exception—leaving them on during turnout isn’t a good idea. … Bell boots, on the other hand, can be helpful for horses who tend to overreach—stepping on their front heels with a back hoof as they move.

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Can you leave bell boots on all the time?

I wouldn’t leave boots on all the time because they might rub and will cause a warm, damp environment around the hoof and heel which might lead to thrush or a bacterial infection.

Are polo wraps better than boots?

Unlike sport boots, they provide equal coverage around the entire leg and typically cover the fetlock. Polo wraps are a great alternative to sport boots with horses that may be sensitive to rubs or have an injury that needs to be adequately covered from arena dust.

Do horses without shoes need bell boots?

It takes time for the hooves to heal from damage, but Scoot Boots give the hoof all the support and protection they need. With properly fitted boots your horse will make the smoothest transition possible from shoes to barefoot. … It is never too late to go barefoot, and your horse will thank you for it!

What kind of boots does my horse need?

Many horses require a smaller size boot on their front limbs and one size larger boot on their hind limbs. Most Thoroughbreds of average bone and an average height of about 16 hands will require large boots, while warmbloods and sport type horses may need large or even extra large boots.

Can a horse recover from a tendon injury?

Unfortunately, tendon injuries don’t heal quickly, or well for that matter, and require careful management. Your Vet and Vetrehabber will work together to formulate a treatment plan for your horse, depending on the tendon affected and the degree of damage present in the tendon.

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Are polo wraps bad for horses?

Polo wraps must be properly applied to the horse or you may increase the risk of a bowed tendon occurring during exercise.