How does Agatha Christie Pale Horse end?

And at the end, when Mark returned home having killed Osborne to read about news of his own death, and to find Delphine in the bathroom, we realise that… The “witches” really were witches after all! And Mark is cursed to relive his last days, murdering Delphine and being tormented by Osborne forever.

What happens to Mark Easterbrook at the end of The Pale Horse?

Perhaps Mark has been killed by the thallium poisoning, after all; even though he killed Osborne, perhaps he was too late to save himself. Perhaps this is just his personal hell in the afterlife. Or, perhaps, the witches have killed him and/or trapped him in a perpetual nightmare.

What happened in The Pale Horse Episode 2?

Mark visits Thomasina’s stepmother and coerces her to tell him what the three women at The Pale Horse store do. “Witchcraft,” she says after admitting to having visited them. She wanted them to do something about Thomasina.

Will there be a season 2 of the pale horse?

The Pale Horse (TV series)

The Pale Horse
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 2
Executive producers Basi Akpabio Tommy Bulfin Sarah Phelps James Prichard Damien Timmer Helen Ziegler

Was the pale horse a Miss Marple?

After learning of his death, and coming to London, Miss Marple visits Mrs Davis home, and finds a second list of names in one of her shoes; because Pamela is omitted from the adaptation, Miss Marple is led to the Pale Horse by the second list, written on headed paper taken from the hotel, which also included dates next …

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