How do I apply for a horse passport?

To apply for a new passport: (1) the horse must be life recorded; (2) all owners must be a active members of USEF; (3) The owner must be a US citizen. Non-citizens may only apply for FEI Passports with the permission of their own National Federation.

How much does it cost to get a horse’s passport?

An application for a new Horse Passport costs £25. Please see our price list for further information relating to duplicate passports, transfer of ownership, change of address and other amendments.

How do I get a FEI horse passport?

In order to obtain an FEI Passport or Recognition Card, the horse must be microchipped. The veterinarian who completes the diagram, description pages and implants the microchip must be approved to do so by their National Federation.

Who can issue a horse passport?

It is the responsibility of the owner of the horse to make an application for a horse passport from an authorised Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO) within six months, from the day on which the foal was born.

What to do if horse has no passport?

Owners must apply for a ‘new re-issue’ passport for horses coming into the UK without a valid passport from any UK based PIO. This needs to be done within 30 days of completing the customs procedure otherwise a replacement passport is required. A full list of authorised PIOs in the UK is available from Defra.

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Is it illegal to sell a horse without a passport?

Buying & Selling An Equine: It is illegal to sell an equine without handing over the passport at the time of sale so if no passport is available the seller must obtain one before the sale goes ahead. … If you wish to sell the animal within those 30 days you must register your ownership first.

How long does it take to receive a horse passport?

Applications can take up to 6 weeks. How much you pay depends on the PIO and type of animal. A passport issued more than 12 months after birth will be treated as late. It will be issued as a duplicate or replacement passport and the animal cannot be used as food for humans.

How do I get FEI?

If you are required to have a FEIN, there are several ways you can apply for one:

  1. By phone: (800) 829-4933.
  2. By fax or mail: You can find Form SS-4 here and locate the fax number and mailing addresses for your location on the IRS website.

What does an FEI Passport contain?

In order to access an FEI event, the horse has to be positively identified from its passport and vaccinated according to the FEI Veterinary Regulations. The passport must be accurately completed, contain an FEI validation sticker. All other relevant details must be correctly recorded in the passport.

How do I become a FEI?

FEI Application Requirements 1. Have been a Level 1 Steward for at least two years. 2. Officiate as a Level 1 Steward at any international event a minimum of six times within three years, including a minimum of three times at Dressage competitions B.

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Can a horse travel without a passport?

It is a legal requirement for all horses and ponies to be issued with a passport. … It is illegal to travel a horse without their passport, unless they are being transported for emergency veterinary treatment. The passport must be produced within three hours of it being requested by enforcement agencies.

Can you sell a horse without papers?

Some breeders who have produced undesirable stock will sell those horse without papers, even though the horses are registered (or eligible for registration) because the breeders do not want the general public to know where those horses came from.

Is it law to have your horse microchipped?

All horses born after June 2009 are already legally required to be microchipped, but owners of horses born before then were given 24 months to take action. The aim of this new legislation is to give local authorities and police the ability to track down the owners of horses found further to them being lost or stolen.