Your question: Why are all horses birthdays on January 1st?

In the Northern Hemisphere, mares typically start coming into heat shortly after the new year. A horse’s gestation cycle typically runs eleven months, so that means most foals are born in the spring, making January 1 a practical choice for their common birthday.

What day is every horses birthday?

Did you know? Even if they are not born on the same date, Thoroughbred horses in the Southern Hemisphere, including Australia, have the same birthday on August 1st. In the same way, Thoroughbreds in the Northern Hemisphere share a birthday on January 1st.

Why do horses have birthdays on the 1st of August?

In Australia, all thoroughbred horses celebrate their birthdays on August 1, to allow for the standardisation in horse events, like racing, to link up with the breeding cycle of the animals. It makes it easier to keep track of bloodlines and makes it easier in the racing industry to keep track of the horses’ ages.

What month are most horses born?

Mares normally come into season, or heat, from April to October. Given the 11-month gestation period, that means foals start hitting the ground in May and the latest babies of the year in September.

Is today’s horse birthday?

All thoroughbred horses celebrate their birthday on the same date, January 1 in the Northern hemisphere and August 1 in the Southern hemisphere.

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