Your question: What did Aram think about Mourad’s action of riding a stolen horse how did he justify his actions?

Aram too was very crazy about horse riding. But riding a stolen horse both delighted and frightened him. He justified Mourad’s action saying that taking out a horse just for a joy-ride could not be called stealing until they offered to sell it.

How did Aram justify Mourad act of stealing?

Stealing is unheard of in their clan. When Mourad arrives with the horse in the middle of night, Aram is forced to justify how the animal came to be in his possession. … If they decided to sell it, which would never enter their minds, then the line would be crossed, and the animal would be considered stolen goods.

Why did Aram think that Murad might have stolen the horse?

Aram knew that he and his cousin Mourad belonged to a tribe that was poverty-stricken. He couldn‘t have bought such a beautiful horse. It was certain that he had stolen the horse. It was hard to believe that a member of his family could ever do such a thing.

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How did the narrator justify his cousin’s action of stealing the horse?

Why did the narrator believe that stealing a horse for a ride was not the same thing as stealing? The narrator tried to justify the action of his cousin. … Stealing a horse for a ride was not equivalent to stealing it for money. It wouldn’t become stealing until they offered to sell the horse for money.

How did Aram justify that their stealing of the horse wasn’t actually stealing?

Aram did not believe that the act of stealing a horse was as serious as the stealing of money. Aram considered the stealing of money as more offensive act. Moreover, he tried to justify themselves by saying that they were only enjoying the ride and not selling the horse for money.

Why did the boys return the horse to its owner?

Answer: The boys returned the horse to Byro not because they were fraid but because their conscience pricked them. … John Byro recognized his horse but refused to believe that Mourad and Aram had stolen it. According to him, the fame of their honesty was widely known.

What do you think induced the boys to return the horse to its owner?

What do you think, induced the boys to return the horse to its owner? Answer: The boys were impressed by John Byro’s attitude towards their parents and family. He knew their parents very well and so believed whatever the boys said.

Why did I am find it hard to believe that Mourad had stolen the horse?

Aram found it hard to believe because the tribe that both Aram and Mourad belonged to was known for their honesty. No member of their tribe could think of taking undue advantage of anyone; stealing was considered despicable among them. For this reason, Aram could not believe Mourad could have stolen the horse.

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Who was Uncle Khosrove?

Khosrove was Aram and Mourad’s uncle. He is described in the text as being an ‘ enormous’ man with a thick moustache , well known for his fiery temper and irritability. As such, he is regarded to be the owner of the Garoghlanian tribe’s crazy streak.

Why couldnt Mourad buy a horse?

Mourad couldn’t possibly buy a horse because he was a Garoghlanian, a member of an Armenian tribe living among the lush fruit orchards and vineyards of California.

What was the problem the children faced after getting the horse back?

What was the problem the children faced after getting the horse back? Answer: After Aram had been thrown off, it took Mourad half an hour to find the horse and bring him back. The next concern was that they did not know where to hide the horse till the next day, and by then the people had woken up.

Why was Aram unwilling to return the horse so soon?

Why was Aram unwilling to return the horse so soon? Ans: Aram was crazy for horse and he wanted to learn horse riding at all costs. The horse would not let him to ride over it and hence he was unwilling to return the horse at least till he would learn to ride it.

Do you think John Byro Recognised his horse why did he not accuse the boys of stealing his horse?

Answer. “John Byro did recognize his horse when it was returned from Mourad and Azam. He knew the boys stole the horse from him but still did not accuse them. This was because he wanted to appreciate their honesty which they showed by returning back the horse to him.

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