Your question: How does the horse express this to the persona?

How does the horse express this to the persona? The horse expressed its doubt to the persona by giving his harness bells a shake.

What does the horse in the poem represent?

In this poem, it is stated that “My little horse must think it queer” (1st line, 2nd stanza) and “He gives his harness bells a shake” (1st line, 3rd stanza). From this analysis, the horse symbolizes the conscience of human beings because if there is a mistake or confusion, the conscience will whisper to the mind.

What does the horse represent in Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening?

The horse symbolizes the common-sense reaction of those who are not having this extraordinary experience, who “think it queer” to stand and gape at a snowy wood. Common sense is sometimes called “horse sense,” and a sensible person would naturally shake his head and think there must be some mistake.

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How did the horse communicate with the speaker?

The narrator says, “He gives his harness bells a shake / To ask if there is some mistake.” The speaker somewhat personifies the horse, suggesting that he is asking the speaker a question, and so this seems to indicate a high level of understanding, or at least a close bond, between narrator and horse.

Why does the horse shake the harness bells * 1 point it is nervous that it will never find the village it is scared and afraid of the dark it is excited to be out in the woods on a snowy day it does not understand why they have stopped?

According to the poet, the horse shakes his harness bells to ask if there is some mistakes in stopping by the woods in that snowy evening. It indicates that it was a regular journey for them but they never stopped there before that day.

Why is the horse confused in Stopping by Woods?

Answer: The line means that the horse wanted to ask his master if he has committed some mistake by stopping at the woods. He was finding it strange and was confused as why his master has stopped at an isolated place where there is no farmhouse nearby to rest.

What does downy flake symbolize?

‘Downy flake’ is the soft feathery small pieces of snow falling from the sky. In the context of the poem, it symbolizes that the place is very quiet. The sounds of the downy flake and the easy winds are the only audible sounds where the speaker has stopped. This only intensifies the serenity of the place.

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What prevents the speaker from going into the woods?

In the first stanza the speaker tells why he is stopping by the woods. It is “To watch his woods fill up with snow.” It is a cold night but apparently not too cold for the speaker to stop for a few minutes to look at a beautiful sight. … “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” reads like a tribute to the beauty of nature.

What do the woods symbolize?

Unlike other types of metal or stone, wood is an organic material, and it is a strong symbol of life, growth, and strength. … The wood really captures the essence of its own life, year after year, growing stronger and stronger as time goes by.

What does wood symbolize in the poem?

Woods’ in this poem symbolizes two things: Firstly, it symbolizes our distractions in various ways and temptations of life. We often get distracted by these things in the journey of our life and thus end up failing to reach our destination, our goals. secondly, woods symbolizes the beautiful aspects of this life.

Why did the horse think it queer?

The horse thinks it is “queer” or odd to stop in the middle of the woods because it seems his owner never does this. We know this because the speaker tells us that his “little” horse is used to stopping near farmhouses. … The horse may also be accustomed to stopping at the lake for some water.

What will the horse think queer?

What according to the speaker will surprise his horse? According to the speaker, his horse will think it queer or strange to stop in the woods as it is a place with no house nearby. In addition, it is the coldest evening of the year as even the lake is frozen.

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Why does the horse give his bells a shake?

Answer: The horse is shaking his harness bells to ask if stopping is a mistake. This poem describes a person that is driving a horse-drawn carriage on a snowy evening through some woods.

Why does he think there is some mistake What is the mistake?

This thought of the speaker is triggered by the shaking of the harness bells of the horse, as if it is asking its owner whether there is some mistake. But it was actually a deliberate stop from the speaker. But from a symbolic point of view this ‘mistake’ is the mistake of getting distracted by the temptations of life.

Where do you think the rider was going?

Answer: The rider was going to fulfil his responsibilities.

Why can’t the narrator stay in the woods?

The narrator can not stay in the wood because he has miles to go before reaching his destination. Explanation: This question is from the famous poem called Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.