You asked: Where are Knabstrupper horses from?

Country of origin Denmark
Distinguishing features Leopard complex colouring common
Breed standards
Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark

Is a Knabstrupper a Warmblood?

The Knabstrupper is an athletic horse bred to European warmblood standards. Its kind temperament makes it particularly suitable for amateurs and juniors, and its loud coloring makes quite the splash in the show ring.

How many Knabstruppers are there?

Worldwide there are estimated to be a few thousand of this rare breed, with only up to 400 in North America, and less than 30 in Canada in 2017, with momentum growing as more and more horse people discover this amazing breed.

Is there a horse that looks like a Dalmatian?

The Knabstrupper, also called Knabstrup horse, is a Danish breed of horse with an unusual range of coat coloration.

Are Knabstruppers draft horses?

In size and conformation there are considerable variations, many, if not most, horses show some draft influence, which most likely is not typical according to historical sources. The future of the breed will be determined largely by how well the breeders will consolidate and agree on a common goal for the Knabstrupper.

Are Knabstruppers good jumpers?

Bred as working horse and selected as much for attitude and ability as beauty the Knabstrupper is a true family horse. … They jump well and are willing bold horses with good minds and a kind nature.

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