You asked: What causes thrush in horses feet?

While Thrush itself is a bacterial infection, all sorts of different fungi, microbes, and bacteria can contribute to a horse developing thrush. Essentially, Thrush is a bacteria growth within the hoof as the result of a growing microbial infection present in the underlying skin tissue of the frog.

Why do horses get thrush in their hooves?

Thrush can be caused by a consistent exposure to poor environmental conditions such as deep soiled bedding, deep mud or very wet pastures. If your horse’s hooves are not picked out daily, they will be more prone to developing thrush.

How does a horse get thrush?

What causes thrush in horses? Thrush is often attributed to dirty, muddy conditions. Water alone won’t lead to thrush, but moisture combined with a dirty pen makes prime conditions for thrush.

How do you prevent thrush in horses?

Prevention Tips

  1. Provide your horse with a clean and dry environment that does not encourage the growth of the organisms that cause thrush. …
  2. Regularly exercise your horse to ensure consistent and healthy circulation in the hooves.
  3. Pick the hooves every day and be sure to thoroughly clean out the frog and the sulci.
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Does apple cider vinegar cure thrush in horses?

Add a quarter-cup of apple cider vinegar in your horse’s morning feed to prevent calcification of the joints. It’s best known among horse owners for its efficacy in preventing fungal or bacterial growth in thrush due to its acidic quality.

How serious is thrush in horses?

Thrush brings with it a recognizable, strong-smelling odor coming from the affected area. Although thrush is a somewhat common condition, it shouldn’t be underestimated. If left untreated, it may penetrate the sensitive structures of the hoof and cause temporary to permanent lameness.

How long does it take to get rid of thrush in horses?

Treatment will usually be required for 7-14 days. The prognosis for complete resolution is good unless the infection has been allowed to become chronic and/or there is extensive involvement of deeper tissues.

What does thrush in horses look like?

Typically Thrush is characterized by a thick black discharge that smells like rotten dairy. This foul odor and thick discharge occur because the bacteria are actually fermenting within the frog’s tissue.

Does thrush make a horse lame?

Thrush doesn’t cause lameness until it eats away at the frog and gets down to sensitive tissue. Then it can cause lameness.” Severe thrush often occurs in the cleft between the heel bulbs and can create a deep gash there.

Can you use hydrogen peroxide on horses hooves?

No, do not use hydrogen peroxide to clean your horse’s flesh wound unless you have no other means of cleaning it. While hydrogen peroxide will kill bacteria in the wound it will also kill healthy tissue. Horse wounds can be treated with Nolvasan, Furacin, Corona, Wound Powder, or a diluted Iodine solution.

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