You asked: How is Mourad described in the summer of the beautiful white horse?

Mourad. Mourad is Aram’s thirteen-year-old cousin. His family believes that he is “crazy” and that he has inherited the “crazy streak” from his uncle Khosrove. Nevertheless, Aram admires him for his way with animals and his ability to ride the horse.

What is the name of Mourad’s horse?

One morning the two cousins ran into the farmer John Byro who examined the horse thoroughly. But Mourad confidently told Byro that his horse’s name was My Heart. Byro made no fuss because he knew about the honesty of Mourad’s family.

Who is Mourad in the story the summer of the beautiful white horse?

Mourad is a thirteen-year-old kid from the Garoghlanian tribe which is famous for honesty. Mourad is an adventurous and active kid for which he is mistaken to be crazy as he is said to have inherited that from his uncle Khosrove. The story also shows that he loves animals and is capable of taming them.

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How does Aram describe the horse class 11?

Aram describes his horse Magnificent and Beautiful White horse .

How was the experience of Mourad in riding the horse?

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Mourad rode the horse while Aram sat pillion; they took the horse to the countryside behind their house. Then Mourad began to sing, which resembled roaring. Then Mourad asked Aram to get down as he wanted to ride alone. After maneuvering the horse in many ways he came back.

Who is John Byro?

John Byro was a farmer. He was an Assyrian who had learnt to speak Armenian. He was the owner of the beautiful white horse owner, which had been stolen last month and remained untraced yet. He missed his horse severely as he had to travel long distances on foot without his surrey.

What does the white horse symbolize in the summer of beautiful white horse?

Answer: The white horse symbolizes the wishes of Aram and Mourad, which they wanted to be they want to be trustworthy and honest, and have beauty, freedom, gland wealth in their lives as well.

What is the main message of the story The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse?

The primary message of the story, The Summer of the Beautiful Horse, is that despite social or economic challenges, there are some truths which are absolute and should be practiced under and all conditioned. It is undeniable that the story is set within a family that is poor.

Why did BYRO thank God?

Later the boys return the horse quietly. That afternoon Byro came to Aram’s house to inform that the stolen horse has been returned. He thanks God because the horse has become better tempered and well behaved too.

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What are some themes of the story The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse?

One of the major themes of “The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse” by William Saroyan is honor. The young boy, Aram, explains the underlying philosophies of his large extended family. Although they were poor, they had pride and morals.

Why did Mourad return the horse?

Mourad stole the horse because he was passionate about riding it. However, he returned it later because he could not afford the horse and John Byro, the farmer reminded him of his family and their honesty.

What did Mourad call the horse before running?

Mourad said that they called it “My Heart’. John Byro appreciated it as a lovely name for a lovely horse. He was ready to swear that it was the horse that was stolen hum him many weeks ago.

How did Mourad and Aram spend time with horse?

Answer: Mourad had spent some time looking after the horse. He loved it even though it was not his own. When he left it in John Byro’s vineyard, he put his arms around his neck, pressed his nose into the horse’s nose and patted it.