Which son of Poseidon was a horse?

AREION (Arion) An immortal horse owned by the heroes Herakles and Adrastos. He was the son of Poseidon and Demeter, born following their mating in the shape of horses.

Did Poseidon have a child with a horse?

Their child was a horse, Arion, which was capable of human speech. Poseidon also raped Medusa on the floor of a temple to Athena. Medusa was then changed into a monster by Athena. When she was later beheaded by the hero Perseus, Chrysaor and Pegasus emerged from her neck.

Did Hades have a son?

His son, Ploutos., shared his duty as God of Wealth with Hades. In fact some stories list Ploutos as being the son of Hades and Demeter, while others affirm that he’s the son of Hades and Persephone.

Who is God’s horse?

The Caterpillar Known in Duleek as God’s Horse. God’s Horse is a little small creeping creature something like a maggot. They are of many different colours. Some of them are brown and others black.

Who did Hestia marry?

She is only sometimes included in the list of the Twelve Olympian gods. When she is not included, Dionysus is included instead. Hestia never married or had kids. Zeus granted her the right to remain an eternal virgin.

Is Persephone good or evil?

In Greek mythology, unlike the adaptations where the love story takes center stage, Persephone’s role as the queen of the Underworld was an integral part of her character. … Furthermore, Hades was not evil, so forget his associations with the Christian devil, and the associations of the Underworld with Hell.

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