When a horse suddenly starts moving the rider falls backward name the law?

When a horse suddenly starts running the rider falls backward → inertia of rest.

When a horse suddenly starts moving the rider falls backward a name and state the law used to explain the above situation?

When a horse suddenly starts moving, the rider falls backward due to the law of inertia or 1st law of Newton. but the upper body still remains in a state of rest due to which it feels a jerk and falls backward.

Why does a rider fall backward when his horse starts running suddenly?

A rider on horse falls back when horse starts running, all of a sudden because the rider is in state of rest initially and later inertia of rest keeps the upper part of body at rest while lower part of the body moves forward with horse.

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Which law explains that when riding a horse the horse suddenly stops and you fly over?

Answer: Due to Inertia of Motion. It is the moving object (Horse) once it is stopped , the person sitting on top is still continue to be in motion,due to inertia of motion.

When the bike suddenly starts from rest the rider tends to fall backwards it is due to inertia of *?

This is so because the lower part of his body starts moving with the bus or train but the upper part tries to remain at rest due to inertia of rest.

Why do passengers in the bus tend to fall back when it starts suddenly?

When the bus starts moving suddenly, the lower part of the body of passengers, which is in contact with the bus, come in motion, but upper part of their body tends to be in the state of rest and the passengers fall backward.

When you are moving at a high rate of speed inertia makes is hard to stop?

Inertia is the tendency of an object to resist motion. The inertia of an object is determined by its speed. The speed of an object changes only when it is acted on by an unbalanced force. When you are moving at a high rate of speed, inertia makes is hard to stop.

When a moving train stops suddenly a man tends to fall?

Inertia of rest stops the train and takes the body forward.

Why do passengers in a bus tend to fall backward when it starts suddenly Class 9?

When the bus starts suddenly, then, the lower part of body starts being in motion because it is in touch of bus in motion, while the upper part of body tries to be at rest for sometime, because of inertia at rest. this is why, passengers tends to fall backwards when it starts suddenly.

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Why a fast running person falls forward by getting a jerk?

Example The passengers in a running bus fall in the forward direction, when brakes are applied suddenly. It is because when the bus suddenly comes to rest, the passengers on account of inertia of motion tend to continue to move in forward direction and hence fall forward.