What size horse does a cob bridle fit?

Most horses will wear a cob size bridle, it is essentially equivalent to a medium. The bridle size doesn’t necessarily correlate to the height of the horse. A tall horse of 16.2 hands can have a small refined head. Breeds that might fit into this category include the Thoroughbred and Warmblood.

Is cob smaller than horse?

Cob-Sized Tack

Tack marked cob is intended for horses smaller than a large horse, but larger than a pony. If you have a Morgan, Appaloosa, Quarter Horse, Arabian, or other smaller, more compact riding horse breed, cob size might be the right size to buy.

Is cob Bridle smaller than full?

The difference between a cob bridle and a full size bridle is the cob bridle is a smaller size for a smaller horse. Generally, there are five bridles sizes – small pony, pony, cob, full-size or horse and oversize. It’s important to have a bridle and a bit that fit your horse’s mouth.

How do you know if a bridle fits your horse?

When you fit your bridle you should always check the browband to make sure it isn’t pulling the cheek pieces up into the horse’s eyes or pressing into the horse’s forehead. There should be a gap big enough to fit a few fingers between the band and the horse’s forehead.

What does Full mean in horse sizes?


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Pony sized bridles suit horses up to around 14hh, as the name suggests. Cob size fits cobs, or ponies from 14-15hh and Full (sometimes called ‘Horse’ size) fits horses over 15hh.

What size is bigger cob or full?

Cob vs. Full. The nose band on a cob bridle measures 11 inches, while the nose band on a full bridle measures 12.25 inches. A brow band on a cob bridle comes in just an inch shorter than the 15.5 inch brow band on a full bridle.

Is a cob a coldblood?

Breed wise coldblood horses encompass the draught breeds–such as Shires, Percherons, Ardennes, and Suffolk Punches. Sometimes the description is broadened to include heavy cobs and riding types such as Icelandic ponies and Friesian horses.