What is a sentence for mule?

Mule sentence example. The average height of a mule is 122 hands. The mule lurched forward and the others followed, jerking the wagon into action. It was barely enough to water a mule at a time.

Is mule a noun or adjective?

mule noun [C] (ANIMAL)

Is mule a common noun?

A generally sterile hybrid offspring of a male donkey and a female horse.

Where does the word mule come from?

From Middle French mule (“slipper”), from Latin mulleus calceus (“red shoe”), from mullus (“red”).

What is the adjective of mule?

old, white, little, good, dead, black, stubborn, acting, big, gray, young, spinning, poor, fine, single, best, brown, blind, wild, strong, laden, eyed, obstinate, female, red, sumpter, balky, spanish, grey, lame, footed, tired, ole, sorry, faithful, yellow, male, patient, sturdy, extra, colored, sick, favorite, eared, …

What mule means in English?

1 : an animal that is an offspring of a donkey and a horse. 2 : a stubborn person. mule. noun. ˈmyü(ə)l

What alcohol goes in a mule?

What is another name for a mule?

What is another word for mule?

donkey jackass
burro moke
neddy cuddy
hinny jennet
jenny horse

What does hinny mean?

: a hybrid between a stallion and a female donkey — compare mule.

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What is a mule heel?

Mule is a style of shoe that has no back or constraint around the foot’s heel. … Mules have a history going as far back as Ancient Rome, even though they were not popularly worn until sixteenth-century Europe.

What is a female mule called?

Sex: Male is a ‘horse mule’ (also known as a ‘john’ or ‘jack’). Female is a ‘mare mule‘ (also known as a ‘molly’).

Do mules try to mate?

Most documented cases of mules/hinnies being fertile have been in the female mule (molly/mare mule). … Also, keep in mind it’s likely that more mules may be fertile, but we commonly do not attempt to breed mules. Mules and hinnies that have foaled in the past were bred to jacks (male donkeys).

What sounds do mules make?

A mule does not sound exactly like a donkey or a horse. Instead, a mule makes a sound that is similar to a donkey’s but also has the whinnying characteristics of a horse (often starts with a whinny, ends in a hee-haw). Sometimes, mules whimper. The coats of mules come in the same varieties as those of horses.