What is a mule alcoholic drink?

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Is a mule a girly drink?

A Moscow Mule is a type of alcoholic mixed drink that is vodka based with lime and ginger beer and is considered one of the most popular ladies drink in many countries. Its trademark is to be served in a copper mug with a wedge of lime placed at the rim of the mug.

Is a Moscow Mule a man’s drink?

Your grandfather probably had a few of these when he came home from World War II. That in and of itself puts the Moscow Mule firmly into the “man drinks” category.

What drink is similar to a Moscow Mule?

Greyhound: Just like a Moscow Mule or a Dark N’ Stormy, a Greyhound is the perfect cocktail to showcase with a copper vessel (especially for those self-conscious consumers who might balk at carrying around a hot-pink beverage, no matter how delicious).

Can you substitute rum for vodka in a Moscow Mule?

The Moscow Mule is a pretty simple thing. A couple ounces of vodka, a squeeze of lime juice and some ginger beer. … It’s so good, I’ve never felt the need to tamper with it, but then Havana Club sent me a bottle of their Anejo Clasico Puerto Rican Rum and suggested I substitute it for the vodka in a Mule.

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How much alcohol is in a Moscow Mule?

How Strong Is the Moscow Mule? The average Moscow mule is fairly tame, though it will vary with more or less ginger beer. If you pour an 80-proof vodka with 4 ounces of ginger beer, the alcohol content is just 11 percent ABV (22 proof). In general, it’s equivalent to the average glass of wine.

What drinking a Moscow Mule says about you?

If Moscow Mules are your go-to drink, you’re on the trendier side. You appreciate a more bespoke lifestyle and you are always head of the curve. … Ladies who drink Moscow mules are not shy. You’re not afraid to speak your mind and get on the dance floor.

Why are mules served in copper cups?

Copper is very good at conducting temperature, so when an ice cold mule is poured inside, the glass actually takes on that temperature and keeps the drink frosty cold longer.

What are mule mugs used for?

Copper mugs enhance your enjoyment of a Moscow Mule because it is ideal for maintaining the cool temperature of your drink, here’s why: Solid copper mugs have been used for centuries to enjoy cool drinks because its structure isolates the cool of the drink and the heat of your hand.

Is there alcohol in ginger beer?

While the name Ginger Beer may suggest that this beverage doesn’t necessarily have alcohol content in it, Ginger Beer is actually a non-alcoholic drink. … This beverage is less sweet than ginger ale, and has a little more flavor in it, which is why so many people love using it for cocktails.

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