What does btw mean in horse racing?

What is Fr in horse racing?

For example, (IRE)=Ireland, (FR)=France, (CHI)=Chile, (NZ)=New Zealand; indicates what country the horse was foaled in and what stud book they are registered with.

What does UPL mean in horse racing?

Every year in the Grand National a large number of the runners will get pulled-up. This essentially means that the jockey has decided the horse can’t keep going and so he takes it out of the race. This is the best way that a jockey can take care of the horse.

What does FF mean in horse racing?

Best of last three ratings (already adjusted for weight horse handicapped to carry over 50kgs) Click in icon next to BRR figure to see ratings graph coming into the race for that horse. FF: Form Figures for each horse.

What is a 4 horse bet called?

The superfecta is a type of wager in USA and Canada parimutuel betting in which the bettor, in order to win, must pick the first four finishers of a race in the correct sequence.

What does B mean on horse form?

BD, also written as B, means that a horse fell during the course of a race due to a collision with another horse.

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How do you pick a winning horse?

A seasoned off-track bettor will look at much more than this but will use it as their starting point.

  1. Stall/Gate Position. …
  2. Finishing Place from Previous Races. …
  3. Days Since Last Race. …
  4. Look for Previous Distance and Course Wins. …
  5. Jockey and Trainer Data. …
  6. Official Ranking. …
  7. Look at Your Horse. …
  8. Finding a Value Bet.

How do you read a horse race?

To the left-hand side of a horse’s name on a race card you will find the form figures. The numbers read from right to left and denote the horse’s finishing positions in its previous races with the furthest right result being the most recent.

What is slang for horse?

hobby (archaic, dialect) yarraman or yarramin (Australian) gee-gee (slang) cuddy or cuddie (dialect, mainly Scottish) studhorse or stud.

What do you call a slow horse?

dobbin: a slow horse, or a horse used on a farm.