What does a Kelpie horse do?

A kelpie is a shape-changing aquatic spirit of Scottish legend. … Once trapped in this way, the kelpie will drag the child into the river and then eat him. These water horses can also appear in human form. They may materialize as a beautiful young woman, hoping to lure young men to their death.

What powers do kelpies have?

Kelpies have the ability to transform themselves into non-equine forms, and can take on the outward appearance of human figures, in which guise they may betray themselves by the presence of water weeds in their hair.

What do kelpies do to humans?

Their bodies are magically adhesive which allows them to drag people into the water to drown them. It is said that kelpies can stretch the length of their backs to carry several people to their doom together.

How do you befriend a kelpie?

Bridle/chains: Kelpies can become tame if one can either put a bridle on it in horse form, or chain it in human form. This will cause the kelpie to become tame and to succumb to the capturer’s whims.

Are kelpies shapeshifters?

Kelpies as Shapeshifters

They’re sometimes considered to be fairies, while others consider them to be nature spirits. Katharine Briggs equated the kelpie to other nature fairies such as Peg Powler in the Tees, the glaistigs of Scotland, the Brown Men o’ the Muirs, and the mighty cailleach of the mountains (1957: 272).

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Are kelpies aggressive?

Some people think of them as an aggressive breed of dog, but they are not. However, they can be protective when it comes to protecting their family. Like other dog breeds, kelpies can also suffer from some genetic health problems. … Basically, the Kelpie is a very healthy and energetic breed.