What do you need for a pony club?

Do I have to own a horse? Ownership of a horse or pony is not required for membership, but arrangements for a suitable mount must be made on an individual basis. (Stallions are unsuitable mounts for Pony Club activities. Horses and Ponies must be at least five years of age for use).

What do you do at a Pony Club?

Some of the activities provided by Pony Clubs in NSW include training and competition in dressage, jumping (showjumping and jumping equitation), cross country jumping, sporting, mounted games, polocrosse, trail rides, campdrafting, showriding, eventing and many others.

Do I need a horse for Pony Club?

Now everyone can ride with Pony Club – even riders (children over 5yrs and adults) who don’t have their own horse, or the exclusive use of a horse. Centre Member riders can experience Pony Club by riding trained school horses at one of our Pony Club Accredited Centres.

What age do you have to be for Pony Club?

Membership is open to anyone up to the age of 25. There is no national minimum age to join The Pony Club, although some Branches/Centres may have their own lower age limit depending on what they offer. It is advisable to contact your local Branch/Centre to see what ages they can cater for.

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Can you join Pony Club without a pony?

You don’t have to have your own pony to join; you can simply join one of our linked riding schools where you can do your Pony Club activities. … Members should have access to a horse or pony, by ownership or loan, and have the means to transport the horse or pony to and from rallies and events.

How much do pony clubs cost?

How much does it cost? It only costs $110 per calendar year to become a Centre Member. Pony Club Accredited Centres set their own costs for lessons, programs and other activities.

How do you ride without owning a horse?

5 Ways To Keep Riding Even When You Don’t Own A Horse

  1. Take Lessons. You’re never too old or too experienced to take riding lessons. …
  2. Lease a Horse. Leasing a horse is a popular way to continue riding without actually owning a horse. …
  3. Offer Up Training Rides. …
  4. Catch Ride. …
  5. Volunteer at a Horse Rescue.

How often does Pony Club meet?

How often does the club/center have meetings? This varies between each club or center. Many clubs/centers have on mounted meeting and one unmounted meeting each month. Some clubs/centers meet weekly.

What happens at a Pony Club rally?

What is a rally? A working rally is one at which instruction is given. It may be either mounted or unmounted, the latter usually being for horse/pony care instruction. Rallies may be show jumping, cross country, flatwork/dressage or a combination.

How old is a 10 year old horse in human years?

Horse to Human Age Comparison Chart

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Horse Age Stage of Life Human Age
4 Four Year Old 20.5
5 Physical Maturity 24.5
7 28
10 35.5