What clover is toxic to horses?

Unlike the relatively non-toxic red and white clovers, alsike clover is known to cause two more serious conditions in horses: photosensitization and big liver syndrome. Long-term exposure to the alsike clover may lead to big liver syndrome, which is the progressive destruction of the liver.

Is red clover poisonous for horses?

Alsike clover, like red clover is a tall upright plant. … The non-pigmented (pink-skinned areas) of the horse are primarily afflicted with clover poisoning, since they are susceptible to photosensitization. Although horses with dark skin are spared the signs of photosensitization, their livers will still suffer damage.

Is red clover poisonous to humans?

When taken by mouth: Red clover is LIKELY SAFE for most people when used in the amounts found in food. It is POSSIBLY SAFE when used in medicinal amounts. Red clover can cause rashes, muscle ache, headache, nausea, and vaginal bleeding (spotting) in some women.

Which cutting of hay is best for horses?

The most common choice of hay is second cutting, but first cutting is also good for horses, plus it is usually cheaper than the other two. Choose hay that is soft, green, and leafy, with thin stems, so it is easier for horses to eat.

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