Was Secretariat a small horse?

Born at 12:10 am, March 30, 1970, the foal who became Secretariat first appeared chunky to stud manager Howard Gentry. As Gentry reported, the young horse was a “Big, strong-made foal with plenty of bone.”

What killed Secretariat?

Secretariat had to be put down via lethal injection in October of 1989 after being diagnosed with laminitis, a painful, incurable condition that inflames the soft tissue of a horse’s foot.

How many times did Secretariat lose?

He lost three times that year: in the Wood Memorial, Whitney, and Woodward Stakes, but the brilliance of his nine wins made him an American icon.

What did Sham’s owner say about Secretariat?

“Secretariat is a better horse than you’ll ever see,” he said. “I will go to my grave without seeing that again.”

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