Question: What is Shank’s pony?

What method of transportation is shanks pony?

Used to refer to one’s own legs and the action of walking as a means of conveyance. ‘you can use the chairlifts, cable cars, or the ever trusty Shanks’s pony!

Whats shanks mean?

Slang. to cut or stab (someone) with a shank; shiv. Slang. to undermine or discredit (someone) in a sneaky manner, as with innuendo, rumor, accusation, or the like. SEE MORE.

Where did Shanks originate from?

Scottish and northern Irish: nickname for someone with long legs or some peculiarity of gait, from Old English sceanca ‘shin bone’, ‘leg’. This vocabulary word was preserved in Scotland, whereas in England it was replaced by Old Norse leggr.

Is shank an insult?

Shank – means “friend” or “fellow.” Shuck – an expletive used to bring attention to one’s annoyance or frustration.

Is shank a swear word?

What Voldemort was to Hogwarts, “shank” is to golf. Mention the word and you risk bringing it to life. It’s some combination of four-letter swear and shaman’s curse. And because it holds this power, people abuse it in order to imbue merely bad shots with an extra level of significance.

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