Question: What did the White Horse symbolize in Game of Thrones?

This “white rider” has been interpretted to mean many things. The most common interpretation is that the white horse means “pestilence,” which doesn’t really fit anything within the show unless Arya has a plague we’re unaware of. Alternatively it’s been known to mean righteousness or war.

What does the white horse symbolize in Game of Thrones?

The horse is clearly tied thematically to the girl that Arya failed to save. Perhaps it represents her spirit, or simply a reminder of the innocent girl that was killed whom Arya plans to avenge, etc.

What is the significance of the white horse and Arya?

This white horse could be a nod to the Christian concept of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (aka four guys on horses who bring about the apocalypse). Though instead of representing death, this would mean Arya represents Christ.

Is a white horse a symbol of death?

White horses symbolize a balance of power and wisdom, but a white horse may symbolize death in a religious context.

Why is a white horse a symbol of death?

In some cultures, white horses stand for the balance of wisdom and power. In others, like Christianity, the white horse is a symbol of death. … The horse also represents power in Native American tribes. Native American tribes that possessed horses often won more battles than those who did not.

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What does the Bible say about the white horse?

In John’s revelation, the first horseman is on a white horse, carrying a bow, and given a crown, riding forward as a figure of Conquest, perhaps invoking Pestilence, Christ, or the Antichrist. The second carries a sword and rides a red horse and is the creator of War.

Are white horses good luck?

In some places it is lucky to meet a white horse; in others, unlucky; either way, tradition states that upon meeting a white horse one should spit and make a wish, or cross one’s fingers until a dog (usually a white dog) is seen. Inhaling a horses breath is a cure for whooping cough.

What does the white horse symbolize in the summer of beautiful white horse?

Answer: The white horse symbolizes the wishes of Aram and Mourad, which they wanted to be they want to be trustworthy and honest, and have beauty, freedom, gland wealth in their lives as well.

Is pestilence The Four Horsemen?

Pestilence is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, along with War, Famine and Death. He equates to the Green Horsemen, and wears a emerald-embedded ring. … His ring, along with War, Famine and Death’s form together as a key to Lucifer’s Cage.

What is a pale horse?

noun. a representation of Death, as in literature or the Bible.