Question: How much Dex do I give a horse with hives?

How much Dex do I give my horse?

Equine – DEXAMETHASONE INJECTION 2 mg/mL – 2.5 to 5 mg intravenously or intramuscularly. Dexamethasone Powder may be administered or the parenteral dose repeated as needed.

What can I give my horse for hives?

In more severe cases, treatment may be indicated with epinephrine and corticosteroids.” Although antihistamines don’t seem to work very well for acute hives, an antihistamine like hydroxyzine might limit the allergic response.

Can I give my horse Benadryl for hives?

Over the counter diphenhydramine (Benadryl) or comparable antihistamines can be used in an emergency for horses with severe hypersensitivity or allergy. Prolonged use is not advised.

How long does it take dexamethasone to work in horses?

Dexamethasone per os was effective within 6 h with peak effect at 24 h at a dose of 0.164 mg/kg bwt prior to feeding. The duration of effect was, for all dexamethasone treatments, statistically significant for 30 h when compared to saline and tended to have a longer duration of effect when used orally.

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What can I give my horse for heaves?

The most important source for these inciting agents are hay — particularly round bale hay — and bedding, such as straw. Horses with heaves ideally should be at pasture with fresh grass as the source of roughage, supplemented with pelleted feed.

How long does Dex last in a horse?

The suspension, (dexamethasone-21-isonicotinate) has a slow-release and produces a 39 hour half-life in horses and suppresses cortisol for 140 hours.

Can horses get hives from hay?

Contaminants in hay or feed such as mold or other antigens that are inhaled may also cause urticaria. More rarely physical conditions such as cold, heat, stress, and sunlight, with or without added exercise, may induce urticaria.

Why is my horse covered in bumps?

The most common reason that horses develop many small bumps on their skin is allergic hives (urticaria), but there are other causes that should also be considered. If the bumps appeared very suddenly and are distributed all over the body, it is likely true hives.

Can I give my horse human antihistamines?

They are generally considered safe, but are of questionable value. Extra-label use of human antihistamines is also common in equine practice. Examples of these medications include hydroxyzine, diphenhydramine (Benadryl) and cetirizine, among many others.

Which antihistamine is best for horses?

It is concluded that cetirizine in doses of 0.2-0.4 mg/kg bw administered at 12 h intervals exhibits favourable pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties without causing visible side effects, and the drug may therefore be a useful antihistamine in equine medicine.

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How long should hives last?

How long can hives last? Hives can last a variable amount of time. Usually, eruptions may last for a few minutes, sometimes several hours, and even several weeks to months. Most individual hives last no more than 24 hours.

Can dexamethasone treat Covid 19?

Dexamethasone has been highlighted as an effective medicine against severe coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) since the early stages of the pandemic, being more potent with a longer plasma half-life than endogenous glucocorticoid cortisol.

How long does it take for dexamethasone to work?

There was a growing trend to a lower croup score in the dexamethasone group, evident from 10 min and statistically significant from 30 min. Conclusion: For children with croup an oral dose of 0.15 mg/kg dexamethasone offers benefit by 30 min, much earlier than the 4 h suggested by the Cochrane Collaboration.

What are the side effects of dexamethasone in horses?

Laminitis is a possible side effect from any corticosteroid use in the horse. Be sure to discuss with your veterinarian the risk factors and how to monitor your horse for laminitis. Increased urination (polyuria), increased water consumption (polydypsia) and muscle wasting can be seen with prolonged dexamethasone use.