How high can a 16 hand horse jump?

How high can a 12.2 pony jump?

128cms (12.2hh in old money) ponies who are top class and jumping the biggest qualifiers for their height category jump 1.10cms in the first round and then the fences go up in the second round and the jump off, ending up around 1.25cms.

Can a horse jump 6 feet?

Competitive jumping horses can jump over seven feet, but the average horse can only leap about three feet. Huaso ex-Faithful was an amazing athlete, but he is not the only horse with amazing jumping ability.

At what age should you start jumping your horse?

Most trainers and riders don’t wait until a horse is fully-grown at five to seven years old to start riding, let alone jumping. A big part of this is economics; many people can’t afford for horses to sit around until fully developed before starting their jobs.

How high should a 13.2 pony jump?

Well-Known Member. Man up, the 13.2’s which jump BS are jumping up to 1m25 which is over 4ft and that is with riders up to 14 years old. I think if your daughter wants to jump bigger under supervision you should let her, the pony should easy jump up to 1m without much of a struggle and see where they go from there.

What height is a 138 pony?

Fence Dimensions Indoors/Outdoors

Class Height
138 1.20m
148 80cm
148 90cm
148 1.00m
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