How do you teach a horse Travers?

How do you teach Travers?

How to Ride Travers

  1. As you ride onto the longside of the arena, keep your inside leg on the girth.
  2. Move your outside leg back a little to ask your horse to move his quarters in.
  3. Turn your hips a little to the outside to encourage you to put a bit more weight into your inside stirrup and create that correct angle.

How do you increase Travers?

Aids for travers

Ride a half halt to help re-balance and alert the horse something new is about to happen. The rider should look along the track in the direction they are travelling; putting slightly more weight in the direction of the movement.

How do you do a Renver on a horse?

Teaching renvers

  1. Ride a small circle, and then proceed in shoulder-in along the wall.
  2. Next, straighten the horse to the outside so that he is leg-yielding with his tail to the wall. …
  3. As you transition from shoulder-in to leg-yield, remember to move your inside leg back and put your outside leg on the girth.

How do you ask for a leg yield?

What is a correct leg yield? The horse should show a slight flexion of the poll away from the direction in which he is travelling in a leg yield. The inside legs should cross in front of the outside legs. The shoulders should be slightly in advance of the hind quarters.

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How do you ask for haunches?

When riding haunches-in, the horse is asked to bring his hindquarters to the inside of the line he is being ridden on, whilst maintaining bend through the poll, neck, and body to the direction of travel, that is with bend to the inside.