How do you measure a pony harness?

Are Julius K9 harness good?

5.0 out of 5 stars At last a harness which stops my dog pulling! This is the best product I have found for my Goldie who still pulls a lot aged 4! I’ve tried other harnesses, which were just hard work. … This Julius K9 harness fits well, looks great, is comfortable for the dog and best of all has stopped her pulling!

What size does a pony bridle fit?

How to Measure Your Pony for a Bridle

Small Pony Extra Full
Browband 12” 17”
Throatlash 16” 22”
Cheekpieces 7” 11”
Noseband Circumference 23” 32”

What size is a full size bridle?

The nose band on a cob bridle measures 11 inches, while the nose band on a full bridle measures 12.25 inches.

What size is a cob harness?


Width Length single
Mini 15 mm 368 cm
Shetland 19 mm 380 cm
Pony 19 mm 406 cm
Cob 19 mm 431 cm

How wide is an average horse?

The breed standard for Clydesdales cites 16 to 18 hands, with some horses exceeding 18 hands high. Clydes are measured like every other horse: in hands, measured from the ground to the withers. A hand is 4 inches, so an 18 hh (hand high) horse stands 72 inches from the ground to the withers.

How do you measure a horse’s girth?

First, measure your horse’s heart girth by taking one end of a measuring tape and placing it at your horse’s withers. Wrap the tape around your horse’s left side, down to a couple of inches behind the horse’s front legs, under the belly and around the right side until you reach the place where you started.

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