How do you introduce alfalfa to a horse?

Alfalfa is rich and can cause colic in some horses. It is always a best practice to make changes to horses’ diet gradually and introduce alfalfa by feeding it with grass hay.

Can I feed my horse straight alfalfa?

Horses can successfully consume alfalfa, a good source of fibre and. protein. They can graze it in pastures or eat it as hay. … Myth: Do not feed straight alfalfa to young, growing horses.

How do you feed a horse alfalfa?

In general, feed hay twice a day; limit alfalfa to one-half of your roughage; and feed grain according to body condition and use of the horse. Always have your hay analyzed so you can match the grain supplementation to your horse’s needs.

How many flakes does alfalfa feed a horse?

Answer: A 5-year-old warmblood, who is worked moderately for an hour a day, needs more than three flakes of hay per day. A general rule is that a horse needs half a bale of hay per day to satisfy baseline dietary requirements. But depending on the horse and the hay, the amount may vary.

Does alfalfa make horses crazy?

Alfalfa hay will make a horse hot, or crazy.

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Alfalfa provides a significant amount of calories; however, an excess of calories in any form, whether from alfalfa, grain or oil, without the exercise to burn them, can result in an excessively energetic horse.

Can you give a horse too much alfalfa?

You shouldn’t feed horses with liver or kidney problems high protein diets, including alfalfa. It’s is also not a good idea to feed endurance horses too much alfalfa. Alfalfa provides high protein levels, and when this metabolizes, it creates heat, which isn’t good for endurance horses.

How much alfalfa should a horse eat a day?

These forages are not only more digestible and more nutrient dense than later-maturity forages, they are also usually more palatable, so horses will eat more. An 1100-lb gelding offered early (1⁄10 bloom) alfalfa hay free choice might consume as much as 25 to 30 lb per day!

Can you free feed alfalfa to horses?

Alfalfa or grain hays (such as oat or rye) can be fed free choice too, and most horses will probably regulate their intake of these as well.

Can too much alfalfa cause laminitis?

Alfalfa hay can cause horses to founder and develop laminitis due to the excess nutrients provided by the high quality hay if too much is fed.

Can horses founder on alfalfa?

Alfalfa can be an excellent addition to most horses’ diets, even for those that are insulin resistant (IR). … Some people, though, just don’t want to feed alfalfa — they believe it causes laminitis. After years of working with horses, it appears that it may, in fact, lead to laminitis in some horses.

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Is timothy or alfalfa better for horses?

Generally speaking, grass hay such as Timothy has less nutrition than alfalfa, and that can be a good thing for a grazing animal. Remember that horses are supposed to nibble continuously for good digestion and general contentedness. For this reason, it is better for forage to be lower calorie and less rich.