Frequent question: What wood shavings are safe for horses?

Pine shavings or pine pellets seem to the best and safest type of bedding to use for your horse.

What wood shavings are toxic to horses?

Toxicity. Black walnut shavings are a toxic bedding for horses. The innermost wood of the black walnut causes toxicity after oral or skin contact. Bedding containing as little as 20 percent fresh black walnut shavings made from old or new wood can cause toxicity.

What kind of shavings are best for horses?

Wood shavings are a very popular choice since they are soft, highly absorbent and easy to clean out of the stall. The most popular type of wood used in shavings comes from pine and can vary in size from large, fluffy shavings to smaller, finer size shavings.

Are hardwood shavings OK for horses?

It is fine.. but beware of sawdust from dark coloured hard woods. It will stain your horse. If your horse is not mahogany coloured, it will be if it has a bed made out of the stuff. Also, any saw dust that contains varnish or tanalising stuff is dodgy.

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Are pine shavings toxic to horses?

Pine wood is a popular choice for stables as horses typically do not suffer any ill effects from contact with the shavings. In fact, most horses that react to pine wood have been in contact with undried shavings, which still contain sap.

How deep should shavings be in horse stall?

On average, customers apply 6 inches of shavings on the floor of the stalls to ensure a good level of comfort for the horse and an excellent absorption rate. However, if the stalls are equipped with rubber mats, less bedding thinkness is required.

What is the cheapest bedding for horses?

Sorbeo is the most cost-effective, high-quality pellet bedding around and will probably cost you less than any cheap horse bedding on the market. Why? Because Sorbeo is highly absorbent, 100% natural, and you get more for your money.

What kind of shavings can horses not have?

Black Walnut shavings should not be used for horses because it can be toxic and even brief contact can cause extreme irritation and hair loss for horses. Stay away from these shavings. Cyprus shavings are usually available in the south but horses with sensitive skin may be irritated by this kind of wood.

Is it bad for horses to eat shavings?

Some horses eat their bedding. Ingestion of small amounts of straw or shavings is usually not harmful, but ingestion of larger amounts can cause intestinal obstruction and colic. Most horses that are fed adequately do not ingest significant amounts of shavings.

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Are wood chips bad for horses?

Wood chips or shavings containing as little as 5 percent black walnut have been found to cause laminitis (founder), which can result in debilitation or death of the horse.

Why are cedar shavings bad for horses?

Cedar wood is commonly used within shavings, however be aware that although cedar smells good it also has a large oil content which can irritate the lungs of your horse.

Is pine safe for horses?

Whether she’s actually eating the bark or just pressing on it with her teeth to crib, as long as the tree, such as a pine tree, isn’t toxic to horses, it will merely bear the brunt of the damage.