Frequent question: How do you breed a Tier 4 horse?

What is the highest rarity in Horse Haven?

What Rarity is My Horse?

Rarity Level Profile Color
Rare Orange
Elite Red
Mythic Purple
Legendary Shiny Gold

How do you get free diamonds on Horse Haven?

Obtaining Diamonds

  1. Watch Daily Videos. You can earn up to 15 diamonds each day this way.
  2. Most breeds above level 10 can be sold for. …
  3. Fulfilling Horse Wrangler requests. …
  4. Complete and claim all 5 Daily Quests. …
  5. Claim the Daily Login Reward. …
  6. Complete upgrade Achievements that award Diamonds.
  7. Selling Constellation Horses.

How do you get friends on Horse Haven?

How do I add friends in game? A. If you have a specific person in mind, you both have to connect your games to Facebook and be friends on Facebook. The game will automatically add you to each other’s friend lists.

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