Do horses need passports?

Horse passports are required by law, and are necessary in order to prevent horses entering the human food chain if they have been treated with medicines that must not be administered to food- producing animals.

Can a horse travel without a passport?

It is a legal requirement for all horses and ponies to be issued with a passport. … It is illegal to travel a horse without their passport, unless they are being transported for emergency veterinary treatment. The passport must be produced within three hours of it being requested by enforcement agencies.

Does every horse need a passport?

Do all horses need an equine passport? Yes. Horses, ponies, donkeys, mules and zebras must have an equine passport, even if they never leave their field.

Do horses need a passport in the UK?

You must keep a valid horse passport with your animal at all times. … You need to provide your horse’s passport: when a vet examines or treats your animal – the medication your animal can get depends on how it’s categorised on its passport.

Is it illegal to sell a horse without a passport?

Buying & Selling An Equine: It is illegal to sell an equine without handing over the passport at the time of sale so if no passport is available the seller must obtain one before the sale goes ahead. … If you wish to sell the animal within those 30 days you must register your ownership first.

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Can you sell a horse without papers?

Some breeders who have produced undesirable stock will sell those horse without papers, even though the horses are registered (or eligible for registration) because the breeders do not want the general public to know where those horses came from.

What does it mean when a horse has a passport?

A horse passport is documentation that allows horses to be accurately identified and more easily be transported internationally. … It also means the owners will have to find a means other than slaughter to dispose of an unwanted horse.

How much does it cost to change ownership on a horse’s passport?

Change Ownership: Most owners (91% in 2020) do this online via Owner Services as its safer (COVID-19 changes mean you do not need to post the passport to us – we will send you a receipt label in the post within 3 working days) and costs £15.50.

How long does a horse passport take?

Applications can take up to 6 weeks. How much you pay depends on the PIO and type of animal. A passport issued more than 12 months after birth will be treated as late. It will be issued as a duplicate or replacement passport and the animal cannot be used as food for humans.

How much does it cost to have a horse microchipped?

How much will it cost to microchip my horse? Costs can vary but are typically around £25-30. You’ll also need to factor in a visit fee if the vet is coming to you.