Best answer: How do you take care of a weaning horse?

What do you feed a weaning horse?


  • Provide high-quality roughage (hay and pasture) free choice.
  • Supplement with a high-quality, properly-balanced grain concentrate at weaning, or earlier if more rapid rates of gain are desired.

How do you take care of a mare after weaning?

Many horsemen recommend taking the mare off grain completely, or significantly cutting back on the grain ration, for at least several days after weaning to help her “dry up.” Allow her to have free-choice grass hay or pasture during this time, along with salt, a vitamin/mineral supplement and unlimited clean, fresh …

What to feed a mare after weaning?

A grain concentrate appropriate for a weanling on pasture or fed a legume-mix hay (such as an alfalfa blend) will generally contain 14% crude protein. Some horsemen that are feeding strictly grass hay will provide feeds with 16% or 18% crude protein.

Do mares remember their foals?

Horses have a smell-memory of around 10 years so yes they normally do recognise their offspring even if they have been away for a while.

How long before a mare’s milk dries up?

It depends on the individual horse, but I usually allow for about 6 weeks to be fully dry. You are best not touching them either.

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How long does a mare take to dry up?

Some mares can take 3-6 months to dry up, while others take only a few days – there is no standard. On top of that, with some mares, if you allow the foal back in with her even after she’s dried up, she will allow them to nurse and then start to produce milk again.

How do you dry up a mare’s milk?

If mares are uncomfortable, owners can use camphorated oil or udder balm, commonly applied to cowsʼ udders, to relieve their hot, swollen udders. It is advisable not to feed grain to mares during the drying-up process. Eliminating grain feeding of mares a week before weaning may also be helpful.

How long should mare and foal be separated for weaning?

Some horsemen wean at around three months, while others leave mare and foal together until the baby is four, five, even six months old. The foal’s precise age isn’t as important as his physical, mental and social development.

What age do you geld a horse?

The horses, so horses reach sexual maturity, or puberty, at 18 to 24 months. Most people want to, if they know they’re not keeping the horses as stallions they want to, geld before then. I would say a year. Six to 12 months is kind of what most vets will do because it’s actually a lot easier the younger they are.