Are Shetland ponies Hardy?

The Shetland Pony is hardy and strong, in part because it developed in the harsh conditions of the Shetland Isles. It has a small head, widely spaced eyes and small and alert ears. It has a short muscular neck, a compact stocky body, short strong legs and a shorter-than-normal cannon-bone in relation to its size.

Do Shetland ponies get cold?

Fair enough if they are old and struggling to cope, but they are Shetlands, from the Shetland Isles! They can withstand horrendously cold conditions!

How much should I pay for a Shetland pony?

A Shetland pony will cost on average between $500 to $3,000. Champion show ponies and top breeding stallions may sell for $4,000 or more.

How much does a Shetland pony cost to keep?

Veterinary costs are rare if you look after your ponies well. So total cost of keeping a mini Shetland pony for a year is approximately £140 – £200 excluding vet fees which are rare. This is actually cheaper than keeping most dogs if you have a large garden or some grassland.

Should I rug my Shetland pony?

Breeds with naturally shaggy coats, such as Shetland Ponies, are less likely to need a rug. Rugging should be done only after other measures to help keep the horse warm. This includes providing shelter, forage, companion horses and avoiding over-grooming or clipping.

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Can Shetland ponies live out all year?

The can be lovely ponies or they can be little toerags because they’re cute and been aloud to get away with murder. They’ll happily live out all year (trust me if you’ve ever been to Shetland you’ll realise why they have to be so hardy!!!)

How cold is too cold for horse?

In the absence of wind and moisture, horses tolerate temperatures at or slightly below 0° F. If horses have access to a shelter, they can tolerate temperatures as low as -40° F. But horses are most comfortable at temperatures between 18° and 59° F, depending on their hair coat.