Are Rocky Mountain horses gaited?

The Rocky Mountain Horse has an inherited, natural and distinct four beat lateral gait that produces a cadence of near equal rhythm that remains constant. … Most Rocky Mountain Horses are capable of performing all of the same gaits as non-gaited horses such as the walk, trot, canter and gallop.

Can you jump a Rocky Mountain Horse?

Rocky Mountain horses have been known to easily clear 4-foot jumps once they have been trained in show jumping and are ridden properly. This horse will typically go anywhere and do whatever their rider wants them to do.

What are Rocky Mountain horses used for?

Today, the Rocky Mountain Horse (saddle type) is being used as a pleasure horse, for trail or show, and for competitive or endurance riding. This medium-sized horse originated in Eastern Kentucky and has an easy ambling, four-beat gait for traveling the foothills of the Appalachians.

Can you lunge a gaited horse?

We do not lunge our gaited horses – mostly because they are handled daily and not stalled or confined in small places. We do not need to blow off excessive energy from being confined.

Are Rocky Mountain horses good for beginners?

The Rocky Mountain Horse is a brilliant choice for beginner and advanced riders. The horse features its easy-going tempo and great characteristics. The breed is commonly used in shows and trail riding. The best horse saddle and good saddle pad can be easily found for such a horse.

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How much does a Rocky Mountain Horse cost?

Rocky prices start reasonably at about $5,500 and go up. You can get Rocky’s for less, but you better be looking really carefully at why that horse costs so much less. It is an important fact that one trip to the emergency room is more expensive than a good quality, “safe” horse.